How to Succeed In Crypto Bounty Hunting

Bounty hunting is a great way for anyone to earn in cryptocurrency without any risky investments. In this article, we will share valuable tips for any newcomer to the cryptocurrency bounty industry.

The new era of the token economy and blockchain technology brings new opportunities for freelance content producers and marketers, especially for individuals without access to traditional banking services. Bounty hunting has proven to be a high tech way out of poverty, and this is just the beginning.

Bounty campaigns are often divided into several categories, each having different priorities and token allocation. Content sharing and publishing on traditional social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit are quite popular categories for hosts to include in their campaigns. The more effort you put into one campaign, the larger stake you will be able to accquire.

Payments from bounty campaigns may vary, as projects has different amounts of tokens allocated to bounty campaigns. Pay attention to how much tokens are being offered, along with how many participants the different categories has.

Most bounty campaigns are listed on the Bitcointalk forums, the wild-west of cryptocurrency bounties. Make sure to do your own research about the project and bounty host before you start the work. Unfortunately, the forums are loaded with non-serious projects that are looking to take advantage of free workforce. This might be a challenge if you do not have any experience from cryptocurrency and token economics. Your best take is to just start somewhere, as you will get more educated on how it all works.

There are plenty of good projects to work for, that offers decent payments. You simply just need to find them. In some cases, if your work is good – they might even want to hire you for future work.

Alternaltive bounty sites

There are several solutions that are more easy and convenient to use then the traditional Bitcointalk forums. Cryptocurrency bounty providers like Bounty0x ($BNTY) and BountyHub ($BHT) offers campaigns with token allocation pre-paid in advance by the projects. Bounty0x even offers the possibility to do KYC, meaning that you would only need to do it once when working for different projects that are using their platform.

Long waiting time to receive bounty payments is unfortunately quite common, as most projects are in the very beginning, with a road map going over several years. However, there are new solutions which are very convenient for freelance workers. AntiBounty is a brand new decentralized bounty platform, built on top of the new delegated-proof-of-stake blockchain SmartHoldem. Currently, the platform only supports Twitter. All payments are done in SmartHoldem’s native cryptocurrency, STH, which can be easily traded on the decentralized exchange XBTS.

Use this link to receive additional rewards when completing tasks on AntiBounty.

Any token can be traded on a decentralized exchange

Maximize Your Earnings With Third Party Crypto Applications

Next generation blockchain-based platforms such as Steemit, Golos and Minds are also starting to become popular for bounty hosts, as the audience of these platforms are already crypto-users. These sites are also very useful for bounty hunters, as quality articles are being appreciated in form of tipping from the community. This way, hunters will not only rely on payments from the bounty hosts, but also the community. Creating quality content will always be rewarded, in this case. The following applications may help you earn more when publishing bounty articles:

If you are self-hosting content on your own platform, there are several options to monetize your content through crypto.

Can crypto bounties make you rich?

The cryptocurrency market is flooded of projects.

However, granting early stakes of projects that will succeed at a large scale in the future will be able to pay the time off very well. The ICO boom of 2017 was also the peak for bounty hunters, which could see great gains during the wildest hype. The crypto market has since then matured, and the bounty hunting community has also grown. This does not mean that there are not as many oppurtunities as it used to be.

Even though some campaigns offers tokens that are already listed on exchanges, it does not mean that the project will be succesful.

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