Own Fractions of Decentralized Casinos – How does It Work?

You can now have a passive income from decentralized applications by owning tokens of the particular game.

Dividend-paying tokens

Blockchain technology introduces new ways to share ownership of assets. Compared to traditional online iGaming platforms, decentralized casinos are shared among its players (and core developers). In most games, users receive dividends every day, depending on the amount of tokens that has been staked.

Shared ownership

The biggest players of the platform gets the largest ownership. Dividends-paying tokens can be mined by playing the game, depending on amount used. These tokens has to be staked in the smart contract in order to pay out dividends. This can be done easily through the game interface.

Provably fair gambling

The backbone of decentralized gambling applicatios is now open source. All bets that are made are done through a smart-contract that determines the provability to win the according bet. Anyone can look up the contract on the blockchain to verify the contract.

Which blockchain platform to use?

Delegated Proof-of-Stake blockchain Tron (TRX) has been widely adopted by iGaming developers and end users in the last year. Most gambling dapps are being built on this protocol due to its speed and scalability.

How to invest in a decentralized iGaming platform?

  1. Download a wallet and purchase the native cryptocurrency of the blockchain protocol that you are planning to use. You can use the Protocol guide to find exchanges and wallets of the particular blockchain protocol.
  2. Find your game. There is a large selection of blockchain-based games to choose from. A list of games that pays dividends can be found here. Try them out and do your own due-dilligence.
  3. (Optional) Play and mine tokens. – bt don’t consider bets as an investment!
  4. Tokens can be easily bought on decentralized exchanges. Click here to view all decentralized exchanges (DEX).

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