Tokenswim Airdrop Subscription Service

Subscribe and mine TKS!

Do you find it too complicated or time consuming to participate in airdrops and bounties? With our airdrop subscription service, you can pay a monthly fee to passively receive airdrops directly to your Ethereum wallet address.

All you have to do is to sign up for one of our subscription plans. No more work is needed to receive the airdrops. In the alpha version of our program, only Ethereum-based tokens are supported. Support for other blockchains may be added in the future.

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1 month subscription

Receive 4 airdrops

+ TKS mining

0.05 ETH*

6 month subscription

Receive 4 airdrops

+ TKS mining

0.25 ETH*

12 month subscription

Receive 4+ airdrops

+ TKS mining

0.45 ETH*

*Ethereum wallet required
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Why subscribe?

No sign-up forms: In fact no bureaucracy at all. You only need an Ethereum wallet (with access to your own private keys).

Guaranteed: You don’t have to worry about limited spots, deadlines or forgetting a step to sign up for airdrops and bounties. You are 100% guaranteed to receive airdrops.

No work: You don’t have to do anything that airdrop hosts demand you to. No more posting or following in social media.

Transparency: Subscriptions are blockchain-based and monthly transparency reports are being issued after each airdrop period.

Early stakes: Bounty hunters get the benefit of granting early stakes of tokens from new projects, sometimes even before the private sale is ended.

Affordable: Low price and low risk. The most affordable automated airdrop subscription service on the market.

How does it work?

We are re-distributing our airdrop referral bonus and bounty profits to the subscribers of our airdrop subscription service. User sends Ether (ETH) to a specific contract that keeps track of all the active subscriptions. When a subscription is purchased, you will be eligible to receive airdrops from the next airdrop period. Each period starts on the first day of each calendar month. The first airdrop period starts on January 1st, 2020.

What will I receive?

By subscribing to our service, you will receive minimum 4 airdrops each month (including 1 non-fungible token).

What is unique with this service?

We are offering the world's first blockchain-based automated airdrop subscription service. All history of subscriptions and transactions are publicly stored on the blockchain. A monthly distribution report will be issued on our website after every scheduled airdrop period.

Is this an investment?

Cryptocurrencies and tokens are highly volatile and speculative assets. Initially, it is a great way to passively build your own fund of tokenized assets that is earned by crypto workers, without doing any work yourself. No profits are guaranteed by purchasing our subscription. This service was initially created for users interested in crypto bounties and airdrops, but find the process either too confusing or time consuming.

How can I purchase a subscription?

Subscriptions can only be purchased through an Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask (chrome plug-in) or Trust Wallet (mobile devices).

Why can I only pay with ETH?

We are utilizing the Ethereum blockchain to keep track of all subscriptions. By only accepting ETH as payment, full transparency is assured and the legitimacy of the service can be verified by all users. This service is still experimental and is created by demand. Support for other blockchains may be added in the future.

Where can I find the transparency report?

The transparency reports will be published on the Telegram announcement group:


Tokenswim is introducing a concept called “subscription mining”, where users passively mine tokens by having an active subscription. TKS can be mined by purchasing an active subscription of the Tokenswim airdrop subscription service. Mined TKS will be sent to subscribers wallet after each airdrop period. The amount of mined tokens will be depending on the amount of active subscribers.

Example: If 500 subscribers have opted in for the first airdrop period, 0.21 TKS will be distributed to each address.

The mining reward is cut in half after every 6th month. A total of 1260 TKS will be mined, 30% of the total supply. Staking function for increased rewards will be released after the sixth period. The first airdrop period is starting January 1st, 2020.

Airdrop periodPercentageTotal mining rewardReward pr. period
1.-6. month50%630 TKS105 TKS
7.-12. month25%315 TKS52.5 TKS
13.-18. month12.5%157.50 TKS26.25 TKS
19.-24. month6.25%78.75 TKS13.125 TKS
25.-30. month3.125%39.38 TKS6.563 TKS