DeFi protocol
1191 days left

Digital Money (DMX)
Tools for the cryptocurrency market
Ended 36 days ago
Megafan (MEGA)
Share of Megafanstore Marketing Ltd
Ended 117 days ago
CACoin (CAC)
Education platform
Ended 154 days ago
Real estate in Deefield Beach, FL
Ended 158 days ago
Light Coinex (LCG)
Cryptocurrency exchange
Ended 159 days ago
Cocoricos (EGG)
Real estate tokenization
Ended 161 days ago
You Engine (YOUC)
Advertising network
Ended 165 days ago
YIFI Finance (YIFI)
Yield farming
Ended 165 days ago
SimbCoin (SMB)
Eco-tourism project
Ended 167 days ago
Corona Defi (CORD)
Decentralized community driven organization
Ended 171 days ago
Covir (CVR)
Biosafety license platform
Ended 178 days ago
UZyth (ZYTH)
Crypto ecosystem
Ended 178 days ago
Devil's Dragon (DGDN)
Adult entertainment network
Ended 179 days ago
Smart Trade (TRADE)
Trading tool
Ended 186 days ago
TradeKax (TKX)
Exchange & IEO platform
Ended 194 days ago
CryptoBharatCoin (CBC)
App utility token
Ended 195 days ago
Real estate in Detroit, MI
Ended 206 days ago
Refork (EFK)
Green solution project
Ended 209 days ago
Globoni (GLB)
Payment ecosystem
Ended 210 days ago
Ozaphyre (OZP)
Stable coin project
Ended 210 days ago
CorionX (CORX)
DeFi ecosystem
Ended 210 days ago
Brand (BRND)
Brand token ecosystem
Ended 210 days ago
eSports ecosystem
Ended 212 days ago
Blockmax (OCB)
Wallet and trading services
Ended 214 days ago
TPX Network (TPX)
Payment gateway system
Ended 217 days ago
Good X (OOX)
Multi-asset payment solution
Ended 217 days ago
Avalanche (AVAX)
Smart contract platform
Ended 222 days ago
iBlock Games (IBG)
Decentralized iGaming platform
Ended 224 days ago
BeFaster (BFCH)
Fitness & lifestyle application
Ended 240 days ago
CryptoDaily (CRDT)
Blockchain ecosystem
Ended 240 days ago
Ucrowdme (UCM)
Global ideas marketplace
Ended 249 days ago
Sheng (SHENG)
B2B4C lifestyle platform
Ended 250 days ago
2local (L2L)
Loyality platform
Ended 258 days ago
Cloudbit (CDB)
Peer-to-peer network
Ended 258 days ago