Trust Dice (TXT)
Description: Stake TXT to receive dividends
Ticker: TXT
Max supply: 5,000,000,000 TXT


Earn passive income from next generation iGaming-applications

The first major industry that blockchain-technology will disrupt is the traditional online-gambling industry. Users can now make sure that the calculations behind each bet are provably fair, since it is depending on the number of the previous block that was mined on the blockchain.

Next generation applications are shared among the users. The shares are cryptographic tokens that can be used to stake in the application, giving the user dividends based on the amount of tokens that is staked. Tokens are minted from playing the game, meaning that the most loyal users will also become the largest stakeholders of the game. To stake tokens, look for the “dividends”-tab and freeze your tokens. Now you have a new source of passive income!

TXT is short for TRUST, which is the token issued by TRUST Game Platform on EOS. TXT uses an innovative token economic design to reward contributors of TRUST Platform. 50% of the total supply of TXT will be used to reward players who bet on our game platform via the "Wager-to-Mine" (WoM) mechanism. In particular, the WoM mechanism includes two steps, i.e., "release" and "distribution". The release of TXT follows a half-life decay pattern. Each period will be 250 days. We will release half of the total supply of TXT in the first 250 days. The number of TXT to be released in the following half-life period will be halved, and so on.

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Best user experience I have ever had while using EOS.

2019-11-05 15:05:02


This is awesome! Getting passive income every day. Hope you guys join as well :)