Traps (TPS)
Description: Stake TPS to receive dividends
Ticker: TPS


Choose your preferred game mode and you are ready to start:

If you would like to play in free demo mode:

(1) Select “FFA-Free” and then the “Play” button

If you would like to play in normal pay mode:

(2) Select “FFA-100TRX” and then the “Play” button.

Once you have selected “FFA-100TRX” and begun playing, Tronlink will ask you to confirm the transaction. 100 TRX will then be loaded from your wallet for you to use in the game. Each time you die, you will mine TPS tokens that you can stake inside the application. By staking the token, you will become a fractional owner of the application and receive passive income. 

2020-01-25 22:28:35


Really awesome. Donated some TRX.

2019-12-27 22:16:24


Love it! Looking forward to bigger bets.