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SwapZilla (SWZL)
Ticker: SWZL
End date: 2020-05-05 00:00:00


This project is hosting a bounty campaign where a total of 750,000 SWZL will be given out to people who spread awareness of the project. 1 SWZL is equal to 1 USD during the crowdsale that will last until the end of the year. If you are interested to learn more about this project, keep on reading!

SwapZilla is a new solution created for crypto traders all over the world. They are creating an exchange where you have the possibility to trade in other exchanges, such as Binance, OKEx, Bit-Z and more. If you are trading between multiple assets, you know how difficult and time consuming the process can be, when it comes to verifying your own identity, logging in with 2 step authentication and so on. What SwapZilla is doing, is to merge all the major exhanges into one exchange, with just one KYC registration needed to trade in the top exchanges. This will make it much more easier for any traders to trade any of the larger digital assets and cryptocurrencies, with much less work. 

SwapZilla’s goal is to give a much more convenient solutions for traders interested in trading a larger amount of different types of assets. By combining many exchanges into one, it will become much easier to trade between different assets for the mainstream. In this case, there will be value created for both users and the investors. Compared to many tokens created by other exchanges, SwapZilla’s token SWZL, is a security token, making the investors a partially owner of the exchange itself. Previously, it has been popular by exchanges to issue utility tokens, but these will only give utilities such as saving on the internal transaction costs of the platform. It if ofcourse much more interesting for the investor to have the possibility to be a partial owner of the platform instead of having to speculate on something that is not a security at all.

70% of the revenue will be shared among the tokenholders of SwapZilla’s token, SWZL. This token will be sold through an Initial Exchange Offering that will last from July 15th, 2019 to January 1st, 2020. 72% of all collected funds will be used as turnover capital. Investors will start receiving income in the form of dividends after the completion of the token offering. 

SwapZilla is projected to launch during the second quarter of 2019. During the start of the next year they will also integrate margin trading modules, so it will be possible for traders to trade between assets with leverage, making it a hub both for trading physical digital assets and for going long/short in margin trading.

The project is founded by Roman Prokopev, a stock broker from Russia, based in Hong Kong. Other key positions in the company are held by Cladimir Kardapoltsev (COO), Eugene Sysoletin (CTO), Alexander Filkin (CMO). Advisors of the project include Jens Zimmermann (Chairman of the Board High Growth Capital), Dr. Ramil Mavlyutov (CEO of Nizh Yug Group), Artem Bosov (Advisor at JJ Venture), GIlbert Steedley (Former Director of American Stock Exchange (AMEX) and Igor Dombrovan (Former Head of Saxo Bank Russia).