Megafan (MEGA)

Description Share of Megafanstore Marketing Ltd
Ticker MEGA
Max supply 993,370 MEGA
End date 2020-11-01 00:00:00
Countries excluded United States

The current topic of Corona has also changed the environment for our projects. The fact that football fans are now likely to have a long idle period makes our offer in the market environment even more attractive. Due to this situation, we are currently pooling all resources to bring the first version of the MegafanWorld Gaming App to the market in April. Millions of football fans can download the app for free and start playing right away. In the first step, a version with a simple 3D fun game will be available, which in principle is similar to the well-known grouse game classic. A fan can move with his avatar in the virtual city and receive points if, for example, he removes a flag from an unpopular team from the 3D world. There are points when shooting for the right flag, when the wrong flag is hit there is a point deduction. With Google Pay, which is integrated into the app, the fan can top up their credit to eat more beers or sausages and thus achieve more points in the game. A ranking of the best players and a total score of all players will also appear in the game, so that the fans of a team can compete collectively for points against another city. At the end of the competition, we will select the German Megafanworld gaming champion with a presentation of the "bowl". We offer some partnerships and revenue sharing models to club to promote the game as well. There a several football gaming apps in the market with more than 100 mio. downloads.
Megafanstore sells and trades in fan and sports articles. The range is offered via a B2C online store as well as via B2B platforms and direct B2B trade for business customers. Megafanstore has a small team with experience in marketing, social media and e-commerce. In order to use the core competencies, cooperations with established partners were established to increase the business.

* Megafanstore is currently developing and promoting UEFA co-branding and merchandising products from the top European football clubs for the Chinese market and other countries - from May 2020 a new partner will be implementing this concept in China, in 2021 it will be expanded to the UK, Germany and the USA. Megafanstore is in the process of establishing a franchise-like system with UEFA licensee The Great Branding.
* Megafanstore offers for fans a unique service of 3D avatars and 3D figures. MEGA refers customers to 3D Your Body stores - an established company in the field of 3D figure production (with 8 existing stores) and receives a commission for every sale.
* Megafanstore has founded a joint venture with FDS Soft to develop a 3D game and 3D world for soccer fans, where they can upload their personal avatar. The 3D world and the app have enormous possibilities for monetization, since compensation can be charged for certain in-game actions, for example, in order to extend the game or to improve skills. For this purpose, a micro payment system based on a stable coin and blockchain technology is being developed.
* Megafanstore operates a joint venture (30%) with GMEX Technology to develop and operate a sports betting exchange that offers betting like stock exchange trading.

Global expansion is planned for the next few years with all MEGA projects aiming a core target group of 2 billion football fans around the Globe.


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