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iBlock Games (IBG)

Ticker IBG
Max supply 10,000,000,000 IBG
End date 2020-07-31 10:00:00

IBlock.Games is hosting a bounty campaign where participants will be able to earn IBG tokens, which will be used in their iGaming platform. The program is divided into the following programs: Design (2%), Translation (5%), Ambassador (5%), Instagram (5%), Video (5%), Blog/Article (5%), Facebook (8%), Discord (15%), Telegram (30%), Twitter (20%). A total of 30 million IBG tokens will be divided between the participants. The campaign will last until 31.07.2020. KYC is not required to participate in this campaign. 


What is IBlock.Games?

IBlock.Games is a brand new blockchain-based casino, commited to become one of the top next generation iGaming platforms in the future. Users of the platform will be able to become a fractional owner of the platform and receive dividends. Blockchain-based iGaming platforms is doomed to replace the traditional gambling industry. This will happen at a fast pace, so do not sleep and take advantage of the opportunity to invest in the killer applications on the block! The following games on the platform are confirmed by the team:

- G Viru: Game inspired by the COVID-19 virus. 

- Hash Dice: Traditional dice game with blockchain hash calculation of provability.

- Black Jack: Card game between players and dealer. 

- Crypto Slot: Video slot machine game

- Roulette: Classic wheel game where users choose their color. 

- Wheel: Spin the wheel and get lucky

- Poker: 52 cards in a deck. Winning hand gets the reward. 


Earn passive income from next generation iGaming-applications

The first major industry that blockchain-technology will disrupt is the traditional online-gambling industry. Users can now make sure that the calculations behind each bet are provably fair, since it is depending on the number of the previous block that was mined on the blockchain.

Next generation applications are shared among the users. The shares are cryptographic tokens that can be used to stake in the application, giving the user dividends based on the amount of tokens that is staked. Tokens are minted from playing the game, meaning that the most loyal users will also become the largest stakeholders of the game. To stake tokens, look for the “dividends”-tab and freeze your tokens. Now you have a new source of passive income!


What is a bounty campaign?

A great way to earn cryptocurrency is through bounties, where you will receive tokens in exchange of work for a particular project, such as contributing with data, code, marketing and more. Tokenswim is fetching bounties from all major bounty platforms such as Bounty0x and more. Stay up to date with the latest financial dapps, bounties and airdrops by joining our Telegram channel.

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