DLive (BTT)

Description Stake BTT to receive dividends
Ticker BTT
Max supply 990,000,000,000 BTT

What is DLive?

DLive.tv is the largest live streaming community on the blockchain. Discover amazing games and channels, and earn rewards by watching streams on DLive.


How to Stake BTT

To stake in BTT, please click on your DLive avatar and select the "DLive BTT Stake In" option, or visit: https://dlive.tv/s/stake 

Select "Stake In"

Enter the amount of BTT token you'd like to stake in and then click "Stake In"

A dialogue box will be shown asking you confirm the transaction:

Clicking "CONTINUE" will start the staking in process..


Claim BTT Rewards

To claim your BTT Stake rewards, please visit https://dlive.tv/s/stake and click the button to claim.

Clicking the claim button will show a dialogue box:

Pressing "CONTINUE" will show a popup in your TronLink extension:

Click the "Accept" button and allow up to 5 minutes for the transaction to take place. 

Upon a successful transaction, your BTT rewards will be in your TronLink Wallet.


Staking Out

Staking out BTT takes 14 days, during this period you will be unable to perform further stake in / stake out.  If you still have staked BTT, you are still able to claim rewards. 

To stake out, please visit: https://dlive.tv/s/stake

Click the "Stake Out" link

Enter the amount of BTT Token you'd like to stake out and click the "Stake Out" button.  Once clicked, you will be shown a dialogue box asking you to confirm you wish to stake out.

Click the "CONTINUE" button and your TronLink window will show the following:

Pressing "Accept" will take you back to the DLive staking page showing a confirmation dialogue box where you can check the transaction status.

Once the transaction result is marked as SUCCESS your DLive staking page (after a refresh) will show the number of days remaining for the stake out process to complete.

After 14 days, please return to the DLive BTT Stake page and click "Claim Stakeouts", after which your BTT Token will transferred to your wallet.

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