Digital Money (DMX)

Description Tools for the cryptocurrency market
Ticker DMX
Max supply 700,000,000 DMX
End date 2021-01-21 00:00:00
Countries excluded United States

Digital platform focused on creating tools for the cryptocurrency market, in order to make life easier for its users. Learn more about the theory and the real facts, such as: payments on industrial machines (POS), cryptocurrency purchases, decentralized DMBank and our DMX currency backed up by DMFund.

We are a technology company focused on making life easier for our users, creating tools that make the process of paying, buying and storing cryptocurrencies simpler, easier and safer. Just like they are used to in the traditional financial world.

Some of our tools are:

DM-Pay: a software that converts cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies at the time of payment.
DM-Bank: allows the user to buy cryptocurrencies in a simple and secure way through a digital decentralized bank.