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Brand (BRND)

Ticker BRND
End date 2020-07-28 10:00:00

Brand is hosting a bounty campaign where freelance marketers can earn their BRND token by working within the following categories: Article (25%), Video (15%), Facebook (20%), Twitter (25%), Reddit (10%), Medium (5%). The bounty is hosted through their own Bitcointalk bounty thread


Brand tokens is a new application based on blockchain that allows brands, companies and private individuals to issue their own tokens, without any smart-contract development experience. This tool can be very beneficial for companies that are issuing reward programs and cards for their customer base. A common problem within this field, is the amount of unspent points and it’s lack of transportability. By using tokens and blockchain to issue reward points, users can send and trade these points freely between each other.


With tokens that are issued on the platform, reward points can be easily converted to BRND, ETH, BTC and fiat currency - making it highly convenient for the user to spend smaller amounts, such as their unspent funds. The platform will provide an API that will make it easy for any business to integrate token use cases. 


There are various ways for brands to issue their tokens. Typical ways tokens are being rewarded towards users are: loyalty points, cashbacks, gift cards, giveaways, QR-codes etc. There are thousands of ways businesses can use tokens to reward their users. Creativity has no limits. 


Tokens is a good way to gain trust from customers as you are sharing a part of your digital values. These tokens may have monetary value if it is tradable on a cryptocurrency exchange. However, Ethereum based tokens are very easy to trade. On decentralized marketplaces such as ForkDelta, any token can be traded, by simply changing the URL to the contract address of your token.


Tokenization of values are making it much more convenient for the user to store, transact and interact with loyalty points, along with assets in decentralized applications and so much more. It is only up to the imaginations on how a token can be used, also digitally.  


BRND is the main token of the Brand Tokens ecosystem. The token is an ERC-20 standard token, created on top of the Ethereum blockchain, making it easy for any standard cryptocurrency exchange to integrate the token in their exchange.


Each brand that stakes at least 1 million BRND tokens for a minimum of 1 year will be rewarded with a free premium subscription on the platform. A total of 1 billion BRND tokens will be printed. The soft cap of the token offering is $250,000. The max cap lays at $1,000,000. Accepted currencies for the token sale are BTC, ETH and fiat currency. The ICO will be held in two different periods. Brand Tokens is a registered company in Tallinn, Estonia, with headquarters based in Warsaw, Poland.

Brand is now running a campaign where users can nominate brands and earn free BRND tokens by participating. You can vote for any brand as you wish 10 times each 12th hours. For each vote, you will earn 1 BRND. This token will be exchangable for cash in the future. The brand that has been voted for the most wins 1,000,000 BRND tokens and a free premium subscription to use on the Brand platform.

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