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Ticker ARX
Max supply 20,000,000,000 ARX
End date 2020-07-20 00:00:00

Alre platform


Alre is a new platform where human values can be turned into digital valuables stored on the blockchain. Their technology allows businesses to transact data between each other in a secure and private manner, where all usage of data will be rewarded to data owners accordingly. System parameters, user hashes, data histories and transfers of rewards are all handled by a smart contract that is stored on the blockchain. 


Internet users can now be more comfortable about how their personal data are being handled by third-parties, in a fair and profitable way for the user. All trusted agreements between all parties are forever stored on the blockchain. This makes the process more trustless, cutting out any need of a middleman that has sole power of all the data that is being used. Traditional social media services on web2 has their sole revenue from other users data, without the user getting anything back for it. Alre allows the user to earn extra income for sharing data with third-parties. 


ARCS token


The design of the token is specified to encourage user to use the token and other cryptocurrencies rather than fiat currencies. ARCS tokens will be distributed to users as a reward for sharing information with third-parties, which can be selected by the user. Companies that wish to use the application has to purchase the token through a cryptocurrency exchange. The token is by ERC-20 standard, making it easy for most exchanges to list the token for trade. Any ERC-20 tokens can be traded freely on decentralized exchanges such as ForkDelta. ARCS is also listed on major cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin. 


There will be a total of 20 billion ARCS token available. The token may be migrated to another blockchain protocol if Ethereum’s scaling will not improve before the proper launch of the platform. Their own solutions will be provided for solving the scalability issues. This is a necessity for the application and transactions to run as smoothly and costless for the users of the application. 


Tokens will be distributed the following way: 

50% - Locked up for third-party organizations that collaborate with Alre 

12.5% - Distributed to early adopters and supporters of the platform.

2.5% - Incentive for core members

2.5% - Incentive for core partners

20% - IFA allocations for development

12.5% - Reserve




The team behind the application is lead by CEO Masashi Mizukura, a graduate from Chuo University Faculty of Law, who has experience as an entrepreneur for over 10 years in the fields of insurance and financial services. As the CEO of the IFA corporations, his ambition is to contribute to the new banking ecosystem by building valuable applications where users can monetize. Along with him on the team is Kunihiro Katsargi (COO), Hiroshi Mizukura (CFO), Mathias Glintborg (DevOps), Ryohei Osaka (CMO).


Bounty campaign


Freelance marketers can earn ARCS tokens by participating in their bounty campaign. Bounty campaign on Bitcointalk, hosted by Bounty Detective, which also operates as the escrow of funds. The following categories are available for freelance marketers to work with: Twitter, Medium, Telegram, Translation, Content, Video, Signature. A total of 85,000 ARCS will be distributed among the participants. Click “Join bounty” to learn more about the bounty campaign.


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